hi! i'm ashley

Chicago Based. food, fashion, and dog obsessed.

Currently, I’m transitioning from working in retail to a career in UX/UI design. While I worked in a creative, customer-heavy field it wasn’t enough. I want a career that blends my creativity with my analytical skills and an end entity to show for it. UX/UI design fully focuses on the user and my ability to empathize is just the cherry on top. Having worked in a field where people are the focus, empathy is definitely a skill that has translated well into UX/UI design.

Initially, I didn’t realize how much research actually went into designing a website or application. I first thought that a UX/UI designer just blindly design a website and hands it to a developer, but it’s so much more than that! Knowing that every decision big or small has a purpose gives meaning to what I otherwise thought was a cold, systematic process. It’s humans designing for humans.